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Interview with Karen Bogardus, Principal Flutist of the Binghamton Philharmonic

Principal Flutist Karen Bogardus solos with the orchestra this weekend. We caught up to her for a few minutes to get her views on music director Jose-Luis Novo, the challenges of playing flute in Bach, and her favorite music making experiences. So you’re relatively new to the orchestra. You won your audition very recently, didn’t you? … Continue reading


Updates and Revivals

I’ve become a fan of Steven Moffat’s show “Sherlock” on BBC. It’s fast paced, well acted, and has a good feel of proportion. I’ve also read a few of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, and so I appreciate the nods the show gives to the stories that serve as their inspiration. The Five Orange Pips was cleverly worked … Continue reading