“My daughter Maddie enjoyed playing the viola but lacked confidence in herself. After one lesson with Dana the quality of her sound noticeably improved as did her confidence. After two lessons, Maddie went to NYSSMA solo festival and walked in calm and poised and played well. All of her worries about playing for a judge were under control. Dana worked on all aspects of Maddie’s playing – her technique, posture, musicianship, and the mental aspects of performance while interweaving music theory and music history into each lesson. We were very pleased with all of the improvements Maddie made under Dana’s instruction. The best recommendation though is how much Maddie looked forward to going to her lessons with Dana and how positive she was after each lesson. He is a natural teacher with high expectations and understands how to help his students reach them. I highly recommend Dana as a viola teacher. “

“I took up violin two years ago at age 54, having had only a few years of music training in childhood. I’ve been studying with Dana Huyge for eight months. Dana’s astute responsiveness informs highly individualized teaching: my needs, desires and learning style are no doubt different from those of his young students. Dana’s intellectualism, rigor, humor, insight and tenderness press me forward, inward and to expand in ways beyond what I expected or imagined were even possible.”

“(Mr. Huyge) is a wonderfully musical, accurate, dedicated and alert artist who is a terrific section leader. His dedication to sharing his great joy for music is always manifested in his excellent playing and teaching.” – Dr. David Harman, Conductor, Cordancia