How would you like to have the music for your wedding, anniversary, or other special event custom designed? I know that on my wedding day, it was a huge boost to me, knowing that my music had been handled professionally. Each piece of music had been specially prepared for my wedding day, and no one else’s. The musician I had prepare the music was myself; there’s no one I would trust more!

This is what you can expect when you hire me to provide music for your special event – specially prepared music, a quality meeting only the highest of professional standards, and a sensitive, personal touch. You’ll know that your music is in good hands with me. Listen to the samples that I have posted to soundcloud, and start planning the music for your event.

Your consultation is free – there is absolutely no commitment on your part. Call or e-mail me today! Hire me as a solo musician – or as a member of the Clinton String Quartet.

The above video is myself preparing with three colleagues to play at the 2012 International Viola Congress. Other examples of me playing in a recital context can be heard here.